Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

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Stubble Cream, Silk Scrub, Fur Oil, and Ingrown Concentrate surrounded by plants and bubbles.

For our 2020 gift guide, we asked beauty expert Chris Pond, aka @tophcam, what he’s gifting this year from Fur. Take a look at his top picks below.

Though this holiday season is sure to look and feel different, there’s still nothing that brings me joy quite like picking out products for people I love. 

Since Fur’s products are gender-neutral and designed to work with all grooming preferences and hair + skin types, they make great gifts for most people on your list. Not only that, but the gift of skincare aimed at enhancing your daily self-care rituals feels particularly appropriate this year.

Whether you plan to safely exchange gifts in person or surprise your loved ones with an online order, I hope this guide helps you find something special for your loved ones. 

Bare Necessities

For someone new to Fur, this duo is a great place to start.

Start by exfoliating damp skin a few times a week with the finger mitt included alongside Ingrown Concentrate. After bathing, apply Ingrown Concentrate to spot treat existing bumps or skin that tends to be more sensitive or ingrown-prone. 

Apply Fur Oil all-over to moisturize and soften both skin and hair. I use it as a daily beard oil. If you’re using both oils, apply Fur Oil first, then add a drop or two of Ingrown Concentrate on top.

Bundling Fur Oil and Ingrown Concentrate together saves you a bit of cash, so this could be great for someone who may already have their eye on one or both products!  

Fuller Frontal

For the ultimate Fur fan, bath & body enthusiast, or in fact, beauty minimalist on your list, this bundle serves as complete skin and hair care wardrobe.

All of Fur’s multi-purpose products are safe to use from head to toe, so feel free to find your own favorite way to make them a part of your daily ritual; Try adding a dropper-full of Fur Oil to your bathwater, use Silk Scrub as a 1-minute resurfacing facial in the shower, or apply Ingrown Concentrate to spot treat dry flaky skin. And Stubble Cream? It’s wonderful as a non-greasy hand cream and, pro-tip, makes for an incredible balancing makeup primer.

Full Frontal

This is what I’d recommend for someone whose grooming preferences may change weekly, seasonally, or as desired. Use Fur Oil where you keep or trim your hair for enhanced manageability, and use Stubble Cream after hair removal to soothe discomfort and soften prickly stubble as it grows back. Ingrown Concentrate purifies pores and moisturizes the skin regardless of the length of hair, so it’s great for year-round use.

Stubble Bundle

Ideal for those who remove their hair regularly and are prone to rough, bumpy skin skin on their face, neck, underarms, legs, and pubic area. Apply Stubble Cream on clean skin daily after hair removal, and use Ingrown Concentrate as a spot treatment for developing or existing ingrown hairs. Use the finger mitt included with Ingrown Concentrate to gently exfoliate bumps 2-3 times a week while bathing.  


Smooth Move

As someone who prefers to trim most of their hair or go au naturale, this is the bundle I’d want for myself. Daily application of Fur Oil keeps all hair soft and manageable, while exfoliating with Silk Scrub 2-3 times a week ensures the skin beneath the hair is smooth and free from pore-clogging debris. I’d also recommend this to someone who leads an active lifestyle and struggles with bumps that form where their clothing causes friction against the skin.

Shave Essentials

This is what I’d gift to someone like my dad, who shaves daily out of preference, necessity, or both. Shave Cream’s fluffy texture enhances razor glide but doesn’t leave a filmy residue, so it’s ideal for all skin types. Stubble Cream’s cooling and hydrating properties offer relief from post-shave irritation while keeping any remaining stubble soft and flexible. Because shaving daily is a form of manual exfoliation, depending on the person’s skin type, there may not be a need for an additional resurfacing product - especially if their hair is lighter, finer, and straighter. 


Still not sure which bundle to gift? Go for a gift card.

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