Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Posted by: Ashley Lieberman

Holiday Edit

Our Holiday 2021 Gift Guide

Gift giving is hard, we totally get it. You know who you want/need to get presents for, that’s the easy part; but then what? And then there’s your budget to contend with—do you splurge on your VIPs and skimp on the rest? Do you shoot in the middle for everyone? Why does gifting have to be such an ordeal! Here’s a secret though…this year can actually be different! Let us put the fun back into your seasonal shopping with our limited edition gift set: the Holiday Edit.

 Introducing the Holiday Edit

Our Holiday Edit is a bundle of some of our best-selling products delivered in our iconic and highly giftable Dopp Kit. Included in the bundle are deluxe sample sizes of our iconic skin and hair softening Fur Oil, our new pH-balancing & cleansing All Body Wash, the exfoliating & smoothing Silk Scrub, and our regrowth-refining & razor burn quenching Stubble Cream, in addition to our relaxing & moisturizing Bath Drops. Not only is the Edit highly functional, it’s also super adorable. Isn’t that literally the best of both worlds? I basically want everything in my life to be practical and cute, is that so much to ask?

How to use the Holiday Edit

One of the best things about the Holiday Edit is that it’s pretty much a routine in and of itself. Start in the shower with Silk Scrub to scrub away dead skin cells. Silk Scrub is our dual-action exfoliator that combines both chemical exfoliants, a blend of 10% AHA acids that “unglue” dead skin, and physical exfoliants, eco friendly Jojoba beads that scrub away dirt and debris to clarify your pores and prevent ingrowns. To use, massage Silk Scrub onto your skin—or, for extra exfoliation, leave it on as a mask for an extra dose of exfoliation. 

Next, wash away any leftover dirt and debris with All Body Wash. All Body Wash is a daily pH-balanced restorative oil wash that cleanses all bodies, all over for moisturized, softer skin. With balancing & cleansing ingredients, it’s gentle enough for use on your pubic area, but effective from head to toe. Apply All Body Wash liberally onto wet skin. As you lather, the oil transforms into a spreadable, sudsy wash. Once finished cleansing, rinse off for soft, hydrated skin free of any residue. 

Out of the shower, towel dry skin to add the finishing touches. Use a few drops of our signature Fur Oil everywhere hair meets skin. Made with tea tree oil and jojoba oil, Fur Oil can be applied anywhere you want to soothe and smooth.

Finally spread Stubble Cream on larger areas of skin, especially anywhere you’ve removed hair, to refine regrowth and soothe bumps or razor burn. Stubble Cream’s 100% natural formula is ideal for daily use to hydrate the skin, and soften hair to ingrowns.

Feel free to use Bath Drops whenever you need a little extra relaxation! These seaweed encased bath beads contain our signature Fur Oil and a blend of softening oils. They dissolve easily in warm water and gently nourish your skin, leaving you feeling silky soft all day long.

Cat with Dopp Kit

We'd say giving the Holiday Edit to a friend, family member, or even as a Pink Elephant is a pretty solid way to say “Happy [insert Holiday here]”; and for only $49 does it get any better than that? Or you could just get it for yourself—after all, you deserve it for doing all this selfless gift giving! Click here to start shopping! 

Holiday Edit

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