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Posted by: Leila Scott

It probably comes as no surprise that everyone at Fur loves Fur products. One of the perks of the job is getting to know all of the products in our line and incorporating them into our daily routines. Check out a few of the Fur team's favorites:

Silk Scrub, All Body Wash and Stubble Cream


Hair Type? Straight
Grooming Method? Shave/Wax
What's your favorite Fur product and why?
“My favorite product is Silk Scrub because it really helps reduce the appearance of KP on my arms, but is still gentle enough to use all over.”

Hair Type? Hybrid of fine + blonde mixed with coarse
Grooming Method? Grow it all out for a while, then shave about once a month!
What's your favorite Fur product and why?
“I think I have to go with Silk Scrub as my fav. It's such a gentle exfoliation as you apply it, but as soon as you rinse it away you can feel how effective it is. The first time I used it, it literally instantly cleared the bumpy texture and body acne from the back of my legs and butt! (maybe TMI but it's true!)”

Sara Jane
Hair type? Thick & ingrown prone
Grooming method? Trim & the occasional shave
What's your favorite Fur product and why?
“So hard to choose between them since I use nearly every product daily! But lately, I've been back into shaving, and have been loving my routine of shaving with a healthy coating of Shave Cream, cleansing with All Body Wash (it's non-stripping & reintroduces moisture to my skin post-shave!), and finishing with Ingrown Eliminator Serum as an aftershave toner. I've also been using a new product coming later this year to make my skin literally dolphin smooth...stay tuned!”

Hair Type? Thick
Grooming Method? Sugar/Wax
What's your favorite Fur product and why?
Stubble Cream! I love that I can use it as a hand cream and as an all over stubble softener after shaving. I've never had razor burn since I started using it!”

We’ll be back with more staff favs next month. For now, visit our blog for grooming tips, routines, and more.

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Silk Scrub Silk Scrub - Fur

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Stubble Cream Stubble Cream - Fur

Stubble Cream

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Shave Cream

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All Body Wash All Body Wash - Fur

All Body Wash

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