A Summer Packing List for Every Zodiac Sign

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

Whether you're getting out of town or just trying to beat the heat wave in front of an AC, the summer is all about being prepared. As the season winds down, we asked Tyler, resident Fur astrologer, to create a list of the essentials for every sign. We've teamed up with Abby Campbell of Abigail Bell Vintage, a Brooklyn based vintage seller, and photographer Eleonore Tisseyre to create still life vignettes to accompany this piece.

Fur Oil alongside fruit



Aries thrive in the summer when your impulsivity lends itself to unplanned adventures and long, sun-soaked days spent jumping from one activity to the next. Your optimism and confidence are complemented by the warmer months, when the weather no longer becomes a deterrent to your spontaneous inclinations. Yet, Aries are quick to forego practical planning in favor of whims, which often leaves your hair and skin vulnerable to damage from chlorine, sea salt and UV rays. This summer, pack a mini travel kit in your bag with summer essentials like sunscreen, a water bottle and a mini Fur Oil for hydrating your skin and hair on the go, so that you’re ready for whatever experience you choose to indulge. 

Silk Scrub alongside ceramic shell vase  from Abigail Bell Vintage

Silk Scrub next to shell vase from Abigail Bell Vintage



As comfort seekers, you find calm in the slower pace of summer days, enabling you to step back from the stress of work to enjoy floating in the ocean or napping in the sun. The next few months will bring a steadying of pace to your hectic schedule, allowing you time to relax and pamper yourself. Focus on your self-care by adding a few drops of fur oil to your weekly bath along with petals from your favorite flowers. Finish your routine by using Silk Scrub to buff away sun-damaged cells for reinvigorated skin and energy. 


Silk Scrub and Stubble Cream alongside shell lamp from Abigail Bell Vintage

Body Duo alongside a pink and white Archimede Seguso Murano glass shell lamp from Abigail Bell Vintage



Buzzing from brunch, to the park, to drinks is typical for Geminis whose outgoing personas are highlighted by the energy of the summer. June will usher in the need for a new creative project or activity to keep you busy. Embrace the feeling of innovation and growth that accompanies this impulse and focus on keeping up your skin and hair care routine for optimum renewal. Use our Body Duo to keep your skin refreshed, radiant and hydrated as you indulge in your ever-growing social calendar this summer. 


Ingrown Concentrate in front of a clam sculpture

Ingrown Concentrate in front of a clam sculpture from Abigail Bell Vintage



As a water sign, Cancer’s are known for oscillating between the realms of land and sea and strategically navigating the oft-opposing territories of head and heart. The summer can prove to be a surprisingly taxing time for you gentle homebodies, as you get easily overwhelmed by an increase in social commitments and activities. Set aside scheduled alone time to unwind whether through watching a movie or lying in bed with a good book. Let your skin and hair breathe this summer with natural, lightweight products that calm and clear your skin. We suggest using Ingrown Concentrate to soften and smooth, and leave your skin feeling irritation free. 


Stubble Bundle alongside calla lily sculpture from Abigail Bell Vintage

Stubble Bundle alongside a calla lily sculpture from Abigail Bell Vintage



Leos are drawn to the radiant energy of their governing sun and are instilled with light and energy in the summer months. For Leos, summer often means the spark of new friendships and romances as you are invigorated by your ruling star and inspired to fully embrace your most social tendencies. Yet, with increased passion, these months can also bring out the most destructive Leo tendencies for drama and hubris. Try to keep your system calm over these summer months by maintaining simple mood and energy lifting routines that provide for inner peace amidst the most fiery moods. Incorporate our Stubble Bundle into your daily regimen to soothe skin and prevent irritation from ingrowns and razor burn.


Fuller Frontal with sculpture from Abigail Bell Vintage

Fuller Frontal alongside a 1970s Eggplant Jaru Sculpture from Abigail Bell Vintage


Virgos are all about planning ahead and no doubt this summer will be filled with fabulous weekend getaways booked months in advance. Virgos view the summer as an opportunity to check off your bucket-lists and to schedule must needed breaks, enabling you to enjoy the season to its absolute fullest. This summer will provide ample time to indulge new interests, restaurants and bars, but it becomes vital for you to maintain calm in the face of unforeseen roadblocks. Something as small as a thunderstorm on a planned beach day can ruin a Virgo’s week, so try to maintain control over your system with a regimented beauty routine. Our Fuller Frontal enables you everything you need for consistent hair and skin maintenance. Carry Fur Oil with you for easy, consistent hair and skin fixes, and incorporate our Silk Scrub and Stubble Cream into your daily routine for smooth, silky skin throughout the harsh conditions of summer environments. 



The summer for Libras means finally indulging in all the finer things you dream of through the harsh winter. Ruled by Venus, Libras surround themselves with beauty, romance and luxury, filling their summer days with good food, conversation and travel. With the changing seasons and spiritual reinvigoration, Libra’s tend to get an itch for change in their relationships and careers. Fill this desire by changing up your daily beauty routine. Rather than relying on the same few products, test out a new eyeshadow or lipstick or cream to fulfill your creative impulse for something new. Keep an eye out for our new wash cloth and Ingrown Eliminator wipe to try at home for silky, refreshed skin this summer. 


Items from Abigail Bell Vintage and Silk Scrub with Fur Oil

Silk Scrub next to ceramic sculpture from Abigail Bell Vintage



The summer solstice opens up the guarded Scorpio heart and inspires a desire to share knowledge, ideas and love with those in your life. Lean into this feeling and the next few months will be filled with travel, social engagement and success. Your desire to spread new insights, however, can at times feel like unsolicited advice to those around you. Make sure you are aware of the wants and needs of your friends and partners through this time to avoid undesired conflict. This openness will inspire you to test out beauty and care regimens long considered, but never tried. Indulge in those practices you often feel can be delayed. Run yourself a bubble bath with your favorite salt, scent and a drizzle of Fur Oil. Take the extra moment to exfoliate your skin after shaving with our Silk Scrub after a long, deserved shower. Enjoy your newfound energy and discoveries as you glide through the summer. 


Fur Oil

Fur Oil alongside an iridescent globe vase from Abigail Bell Vintage



Sagittarians are known for their insatiable wanderlust and summer allows you to finally take off into the environments of your daydreams. This season will enable you growth of spirit and mind as you satiate your need for adventure and novel experiences. You will find the next few months full of social engagement, yet can become easily distracted at work and in relationships by the desire to be somewhere else. Try to stay focused on your day to day and engage in the present between the excitement of your summer journeys. Travel can be harsh on your skin and hair, so prepare by packing a mini Fur Oil and Ingrown Eliminator with you this summer to avoid irritation and dryness. Preparation is key for self-care for the scattered Sagittarius as you engage with the world this summer. 


Fur's Stubble Bundle alongside a glass dish from Abigail Bell Vintage

Stubble Bundle next to a glass dish from Abigail Bell Vintage



As the workhorses of the zodiac, Capricorns have a tough time setting aside their hectic schedules in favor of self-care. This makes summer an emotionally disruptive season for these go-getters who chafe at the idea of taking time to relax and unwind. Allow yourself the opportunity for growth through regeneration as you step back from your hectic schedule. Similarly, indulge in products that promote regrowth and regeneration of skin and hair cells, to complement this change in your routine by energizing your physical self. Use our Stubble Bundle to maximize this process by encouraging smooth, hydrated regrowth after shaving. 


Full Frontal alongside ceramic hand sculpture from Abigail Bell Vintage

Full Frontal alongside iridescent hand sculpture from Abigail Bell Vintage



This summer will allow you the time and patience you need to focus on yourself, your relationships and your work. Though your multitude of tasks and responsibilities to others often fill your schedule and make it difficult to focus on self-care, this summer will enable you the space to focus on your own wellbeing. Set aside time to pamper yourself by getting your hair and nails done, taking a bath, or cooking yourself your favorite meal. Maintain this self care for your skin and hair by using our Full Frontal package that targets dry skin and promotes regrowth and soft, silky hair and skin. 


Stubble Cream and Fur Oil next to vintage items by Abigail Bell Vintage Stubble Cream and Fur Oil alongside ceramic pieces from Abigail Bell Vintage



As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces accumulate all the knowledge of the other signs, allowing you to maintain powerful emotional lives that at times overwhelm your ability to think clearly or logically. This summer will see an intensifying of current relationships both social and romantic as well as the start of new friendships as you find yourself feeling social and creative. As your calendar starts to fill with commitments, remember to maintain some routine in your life to avoid getting emotionally overwhelmed. By maintaining these personal self-care routines you can keep calm in the face of unexpected turmoil or excitement. What better way for a water sign like you to relax and get some much needed alone time than a bath? We suggest adding a few droppers of Fur Oil while the water is running—the spa-like smell will instantly calm you down, and when you get out your skin will feel hydrated and silky soft. Follow with Stubble Cream to lock in the moisture, so you can feel prepared to head back out and enjoy all new experiences.

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