Sustainability In Progress

Posted by: Ashley Lieberman

Silk Scrub and All Body Wash Refill

With the introduction of our newest product, eco-friendly refills of our best-selling products, All Body Wash and Silk Scrub, every product in our line is either refillable, recyclable, or made with recycled materials. We’re proud to say that Fur is now 100% sustainable across the entire product line! Our work on sustainability has been a journey, and one that isn’t over. There’s always room to do better, and becoming as Earth-friendly as possible is a constant process, but here’s a little insight on what we’ve been working on so far:

Silk Scrub and All Body Wash Refill

We use sustainable glass packaging whenever possible for our products. For those products that cannot be safely packaged in glass, we use recycled plastic materials. As of Earth Day 2022 we’ve begun offering recyclable refills of our best-selling products that are packaged in plastic. Our refill bottles are made with brand new sustainable technology—and Fur is the first brand in the United States to utilize them.

We avoid excess secondary packaging whenever possible, and only utilize secondary packaging when absolutely necessary for protecting the product.

We’ve also seen a 58% reduction in plastic due to the lightest weight plastic being used across our product line.

Silk Scrub and All Body Wash Refills

Manufacturing and Shipping

We currently use 100% renewable energy in production and during our manufacturing process. And because of our unique packaging design, we’re able to ship 20% more packs per delivery than standard packaging.

Our entire supply chain is environmentally responsible, and uses biofuel throughout the entire transportation process. Biofuel is any fuel that is derived from biomass—that is, plant or algae material or animal waste. Since such feedstock material can be replenished readily, biofuel is considered to be a source of renewable energy, unlike fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas.

All Body Wash and Silk Scrub Refills
Future Plans

One of our next steps is to completely phase out all cellophane packaging for our products by the end of 2022. As we’ve said, it’s a journey! There will always be new innovations, and we’re excited and optimistic about the future of sustainability not only for Fur, but across the hair and skincare community.