The Dos and Don'ts of Exfoliating

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons


Silk Scrub spread on a green dish / Woman holding Silk Scrub bottle.


Exfoliation is important.


Simply put, we don’t need dead skin—and it can seriously get in the way when we’re trying to shave. Razors slough off dead skin if you go for the shave without exfoliation, leaving flakes of dead skin in between the razor blades, thus dulling the razor and making for a less efficient shaving session.

Here are the best exfoliation practices to make sure your skin always has that healthy glow.

Be diligent about what ingredients are in your exfoliation products.

It may seem like just any bottle of exfoliating cream will work, but upon closer look, many exfoliation creams are hard on your skin. We’re only trying to exfoliate dead skin—not the whole top layer of your healthy skin! Your best bet is Fur’s Silk Scrub - with jojoba beads doing most of the scrubbing, in tandem with papaya and pineapple enzymes to naturally remove dead skin cells, your skin will be healthy and smooth, sans the irritation. Bonus: If you don’t want to scrub, simply leave the Silk Scrub on for a few minutes as a mask, then rinse. Bye, dead skin!


Less is more.

As tempting as it is (especially when it makes your skin feel so good!), you shouldn’t be exfoliating everyday. Give your skin some time off! When it’s time to exfoliate, there’s no need to lather up with half the bottle - you can make a bottle of Silk Scrub last a good long time by using just a quarter size on each leg, or only using it 2-3 times a week.


Use on damp skin.

Make sure you’re in the shower, in the bathtub, or at the very least, have put a wet washcloth over your shaving area before you go for the exfoliation. Exfoliant works best with water—it makes the exfoliation process much gentler. Plus, water helps the jojoba beads in Silk Scrub to dissolve into the skin, providing a gentle moisturizing barrier once the dead skin is sloughed away.


Have a sunburn? Forego the exfoliant.

Remember; even with the most natural of ingredients (which Fur prides itself on), skin health comes first. So, if your skin is feeling particularly sensitive—for example, due to a sunburn—hold off the exfoliant for a bit. It will only irritate the already irritated skin surface, and do more harm than good. Same goes for times of skin sensitivity exacerbated by a prolonged amount of time in chlorine, or if you accidentally nicked yourself with a razor last week. Go with a moisturizer instead, or try dropping a little Fur Oil into a bath for a full body repair.


Know the clues for when to exfoliate.

Be on the lookout for when your skin could use some exfoliation therapy. Tell-tale signs include whiteheads or blackheads (which is the skin’s way of reacting to too much dry skin), ‘flaky’ or rough skin, or when pores appear large or skin appears oily. Exfoliation is a great preventative practice for further breakouts.

Stick to these key rules, and you’ll be well on your way to a sleek, smooth shave.

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