However you celebrate the holidays, we’re here for it—but if you plan on gifting, there’s no time like the present to start shopping. We might be biased, but if you ask us, nothing says “I care” quite like body care. We asked some of our employees about their favorite Fur products for gifting, and the sets their friends specifically request year after year. Keep reading to find out which ones are right for everyone on your gift list.

Jess, Art Director: The Close Shave

“I love that The Close Shave is a short and sweet routine that works for literally anybody who shaves! It’s a perfect gift duo because it’s both practical and luxe. Expect a text a week or so after gifting, because you definitely just put them onto their new favorite grooming staples.” 

Julia, Communications Director: Ultra Moisture Repair Kit

"This will be my second year in a row gifting my mom Bath Drops, Fur Oil, and All Body Butter as a perfect trio. She loves luxurious products and packaging that she can keep in her bathroom. I love to gift people things they will really use, and she's gone through two duos already!"

Brittany, Customer Service Associate: Bath Drops

"Our Bath Drops are an essential gift this year! I love creating an at-home spa night, and I know my friends and family do too. Light that Fur Candle, put on a good podcast or TV show, and add 2-3 Bath Drops. Now that is a 10/10 Friday night! Not to mention, the Bath Drops always leave my skin feeling so soft."

Sara Jane, Copywriter: All Body Wash

All Body Wash is a great gift for anyone, regardless of their routine. People don’t think to get themselves a nice body wash, so it’s nice to treat them to an elevated version of a daily essential.”  

Laura, CEO: Fundamental Set

This year’s holiday set is my favorite we’ve come out with yet at Fur. For $6 more than a full-sized Fur Oil, you get Fur Oil, a Stubble Cream sample, a Silk Scrub sample, and a cute metallic pouch. I’m terrible at gift wrapping, so the fact that it all comes wrapped up in the pouch makes my life easier!

Marek, Growth Director: Fur Oil

"Fur Oil will make a great gift for anyone—I've been using Fur Oil daily, and I’ve noticed such a difference in how soft my skin is!”