Three Ways to Help Avoid Ingrown Hairs

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

Mannequin hand with finger mitt next to Ingrown Concentrate surrounded by flowers and a mirror.

Nothing is worse than investing time and effort into getting your legs silky smooth, then discovering your skin laden with angry red bumps by the time you wake up the next morning.  

It seems no matter how many times you make the effort to avoid ingrown hairs, they find a way to sneak right back. You’ve probably tried the laundry list of advice out there—scrubbing with a washcloth before hair removal, waiting to wax or shave until your hair is longer than stubble, shaving only with a brand new, super-sharp blade—the list goes on, and it never works.

That’s why we had to take matters into our own hands. No two people have the same skin or the same grooming routine; so to ensure post-hair removal skin is smooth, we created products to help eradicate ingrown hairs—and hey, you may even be able to use that fancy razor more than once!

Here’s a list of three ways to avoid ingrown hairs, utilizing Fur’s line:

  1. Exfoliate. A prime secret in avoiding ingrown hairs is prepping your skin before shaving. Sloughing off those dead skin cells every chance you get makes shaving and waxing worlds easier. We recommend our Silk Scrub or any type of exfoliant that helps you keep your skin new and radiant. We love our Silk Scrub because it also works as an exfoliating mask (just leave it on for 10 minutes, then gently rub as your wash it off), but it is gentle enough to be used after you shave or wax, too.

  1. Beat the Bumps. If you know you’re prone to an ingrown hair breakout and can just feel it coming on post-hair removal, we created an Ingrown Concentrate to combat any post-shave or wax skin irritation. This simple, all natural oil will leave your skin feeling hydrated, and deeply penetrate the hair follicles to help ingrown hairs slide out easier. Simply lather on a small bit on any areas of skin where you just shaved or waxed, and any oncoming ingrown hairs will run away.

  1. Keep your fur soft! You’re more likely to get ingrown hairs if you shave or wax body hair that is stubble-like, or hasn’t been moisturized. Keeping the hair soft makes it easier to shave, resulting in less friction and therefore less irritation for your skin. As a mode of prevention, use our Fur Oil softens the hair and the hair follicles for an easier shave; especially designed for pubic hair.

You deserve to feel confident in your hair removal processes, whatever that is (wax, shave, laser), and Fur was created to make sure that’s exactly how you feel.