To Shave, or to Wax?

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons


Models holding Fur Oil and Ingrown Concentrate.

However you choose to groom your body hair and skin is up to you—as long as you make sure you’re keeping your skin and hair or hair regrowth soothed and moisturized to prevent ingrowns. As a body hair care brand, we get asked a lot if we recommend waxing or shaving as the best method of hair removal. There are a variety of methods out there, and there’s not necessarily one that’s better than the other—it all boils down to preference. While neither may be “better,” necessarily, there are definitely pros and cons to both:

The case for shaving

Shaving can be considered the ‘easier’ option: it’s what you were likely taught to do when you were younger and doesn’t require an instruction manual—and it’s cheaper than getting a wax at a salon. You can shave anytime and as many times as you want, even if you just shaved this morning, whereas you have to wait to wax again until your hair is about ¼ inches long. As long as you have a new, sharp blade and shaving products you trust (Fur’s Stubble Cream is a great product for shavers, because it contains ingredients to help regrowth grow in softer, and prickly stubble is a big reason people try to shave too often and end up with ingrowns and irritated skin), shaving really does work well for most, no questions asked.

The case for waxing

Enter the power of waxing. While waxing can definitely feel more painful than shaving is for some people, it’s more effective long term: shaving only removes hair for 2-4 days from the surface level, whereas waxing pulls off the top layers of skin, meaning it will take longer for hair to grow back because it’s been pulled out from the root. It’s a two in one: a strip of wax removes hair and dead skin. Some estheticians say that waxing can slow down the rate at which hair grows back in general, which means smoother skin for longer periods of time, without all the extra effort that goes into shaving every few days.

A universal love for waxing is the silky smoothness it provides immediately—but one of the reasons behind the silky feeling is due to the removal of dead skin. If you prefer to shave, you can replicate that feeling with an exfoliant like Fur’s Silk Scrub, which will also help prep the skin for shaving and prevent ingrowns from cropping up afterwards. In short, it’s truly up to you, and you have Fur products to help make either choice work for you.

Regardless of which hair removal process you prefer, make sure you’re stocked with everything you need to take care of your skin to prevent any irritation. Alongside either your wax strips, esthetician appointments, or your razors, invest in a Fur package like the Fuller Frontal to have every product in your arsenal to make your hair and skin smooth and healthy—Fur Oil, Stubble Cream, Ingrown Concentrate, and Silk Scrub. You may have to choose between hair removal processes that are right for you, but Fur will ease the hair-removal process, prevent ingrowns, and provide happy, smooth skin regardless.

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