What We Mean When We Talk About Clean

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

What does each new batch of our formulas and a snowflake have in common?

No two are exactly the same.

That’s because we keep it clean here at Fur—meaning we prioritize high quality ingredients and never formulate with parabens, phthalates, silicones, or artificial dyes or fragrances. Our entire line is tested for safety and efficacy under the European Standard, which is far more rigorous than its U.S. counterpart, and dermatologically and gynecologically tested on users over a 21 day study. Call us crazy, but we go all the way with our testing because we believe the hair and skin you have below the neck is just as deserving of care as the hair on your head.

A little variety is natural, and beautiful.

Because we don’t use artificial dyes or preservatives, you might have noticed that our products tend to vary slightly in color from bottle to bottle. That’s because natural ingredients are never the exact same color every time. Think about fruits growing on a tree—even though it’s all the same fruit, each one is going to look slightly different. That’s the beauty of nature, and that’s the beauty of Fur! Our oil-based products in particular have unique shades of chartreuse and golds, depending on the variety of colors in every ingredient that we use in each formula: that means your Fur Oil, Ingrown Concentrate, or All Body Wash each has a hue that’s completely personal to you.

Time and temperature can also affect your Fur products.

Over time or exposed to direct sunlight, your Fur Oil might fade from its original color, or your All Body Wash might darken.These changes are the ingredients reacting to light and temperature, but they don’t have any effect on the quality or the efficacy of your product. With a wax and butter based product like All Body Butter, you may see small crystals form on the surface. These crystals, or “frosting” as some people refer to it, are actually the result of the natural waxes and oils in the butter reacting to changes in temperature. Wax in its original state looks like a cluster of crystals, and during the process known as “polymorphism”, over time the wax will try to return to its original state. These crystals are completely safe, and don’t affect your All Body Butter’s ability to deliver rich, buttery hydration to your skin.

We keep it clean because we care.

Something we focus a lot on at Fur is what it means to provide “beautiful, simple care.” Taking care of ourselves should be a ritual that grounds us, unburdened by overly complicated steps or a million unnecessary ingredients we can’t even pronounce. To us, these slight differences in our oils, lotions, and creams are something to appreciate, because it means our formulas are a reflection of that idea of care, at its simplest and most beautiful.