What's the deal with sugaring?

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons

For the month of August, we’re tapping our network of salon and esthetician partners to give us expert advice on how to take care of body hair and skin, no matter how you choose to groom. This week, we’re talking about sugaring with Beth Trotter and Rebecca Wells, two sugaring professionals that own their own salons.

Headshot of Rebecca Wells, owner of Swanky Sugar Salon and headshot of Beth Trotter, owner and lead sugarista of Sugar Pop Salon

Photo of woman sugaring her left with text "What is sugaring?"

“Sugaring is a form of hair removal that utilizes a lukewarm paste made of sugar, water, and lemon to extract hairs by the root. Unlike with wax, we do not use sticks and strips, nor do we wait for our product to harden. Instead, with a gloved hand, a ball of sugar paste is expertly applied in a fluid motion and then flicked off, along with the unwanted hair.” —Beth Trotter, owner & lead Sugarista at Sugar Pop

“Sugaring is an ancient art, used by Cleopatra herself. This method enables the sugarista to apply in the opposite direction of hair growth, and remove hair in the natural direction.” —Rebecca Wells, owner of Swanky Sugar Salon

Photo of woman applying Ingrown Concentrate with "Why is sugaring a good grooming option?" text

“Many people struggle with finding a form of hair removal that works for them. Oftentimes shaving and waxing lead to razor burn, ingrown hairs (hail to Fur’s Ingrown Concentrate), excessive irritation, and skin discolorations. Sugaring has been a game-changer for many of our clients where other forms of hair removal failed them.” —Beth Trotter, owner & lead Sugarista at Sugar Pop

“Clients who sugar regularly don’t need to self-groom at home, or deal with high-maintenance and irritating stubble.” —Rebecca Wells, owner of Swanky Sugar Salon

Collage of sugaring ingredients with "What are the benefits of sugaring?" text.

“Initially, our clients rave about how minimal the irritation is after their appointment. Also, sugaring is able to yield highly effective results while being more eco-friendly, all-natural, and not hot on the skin. What’s not to like?!” —Beth Trotter, owner & lead Sugarista at Sugar Pop 

“It consistently reduces the density and thickness of the hair, as you remove hair during the early stages of growth while it's still attached at the dermal papilla, causing damage to it's growth site. Clients that come regularly enjoy less painful services, zero self-maintenance, soft regrowth, and continuous permanent reduction in density as time goes on.” —Rebecca Wells, owner of Swanky Sugar Salon 

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