Why Clean Ingredients Matter in Skincare

Posted by: Sara Jane Emmons


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With all the new skincare products out there, you may wonder —and we’ve often been asked— just how much clean ingredients really matter when it comes to skincare. “What’s the real difference?” and “What’s wrong with ‘artificial’ skincare?”

“Clean” skincare simply means skincare sans the potentially toxic ingredients. These chemicals can irritate and dry out your skin.

All of Fur’s products have been tested for safety via the EU’s regulations, which means we are very strict about what we put in each of our projects (as the EU’s regulations are often considered stricter than the US’s). We worked with dermatologists and gynecologists to make sure everything you’re putting on your skin and especially near sensitive skin, like the pubic area, is the most clean option possible. We pride ourselves on products that are vegan and cruelty free.

When cleaning up your skincare regimen and being conscious of the products you use on your skin, you should make sure that your products of choice are free of phthalates and parabens. You may have heard of both of these chemicals in recent beauty industry news, as they’ve been under scrutiny. Phthalates are used to increase flexibility in plastic and vinyl… which should be of no concern to your skin. Parabens were created to stop bacteria from growing inside bottles of skincare or shampoo. Again—a useful chemical for its own purpose, but not one we want to use on skin.

In addition to being phthalate and paraben free, Fur’s products are sulfate and silicone free, which are chemicals commonly found in hair products. Instead of silicones, we utilize tapioca starch from the cassava plant in our Stubble Cream. We include ingredients such as tea tree oil, clary sage oil, shea cream, and safflower seed and olive extracts in our product.

We don’t include any cortisones in our products, either. Some wonder, “Wait, isn’t cortisone good for you?” If you’ve ever struggled with a skin condition such as eczema or a bad rash, you may have used a hydrocortisone to add moisture back to your skin and absolve any itching. But, there are better options for daily use.

Finally, we didn’t compromise on our promise to have clean products to make Fur products smell good. While the smell of Fur Oil is pleasant, and some report ‘spa-like,’ (specifically tinged with a hint of lemon and lavender), it’s by no means as strong as a perfume. We don’t add any fragrances that don’t naturally come from our fresh ingredients.

Basically, clean ingredients are gentler on the skin, meaning you’re less likely to experience irritation from using natural products. When we blended our products, we wanted everyone to be able to use them, even those with the most sensitive of skin types. Our dermatologists and gynecologists ensured that each of our products are among the best options. Ultimately, it’s up to you. You get to choose what you put on your skin and near your most intimate areas. There’s simply no need for your skincare ingredients to be toxic.

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