Fur Professionals x Starpil Wax

Posted by: Ashley Lieberman

For Valentine’s Day our wholesale & professionals channel Fur Professionals are partnering with Starpil Wax, a fan favorite hair removal wax for a truly special giveaway. More information coming soon so make sure to follow Fur Pros on Instagram for updates! 

 In the meantime we’re tapping into our network of salon and esthetician partners for expert insights on why they prefer using Fur and Starpil with their clients. Today, we’re talking about waxing with Nique Curtis, Jessica Gonzalez, and Zoe Ray, three waxing professionals that own their own salons.

“When I was opening up my own waxing business, one of the things I was most excited for was getting to choose my own products…My goal was to find brands I believed in and knew were effective because then retailing them and using them myself would be much more organic. For wax specifically, I wanted something for sensitive skin that I could feel good about using on my clients. I wanted a company that was helpful and transparent. For the products I'm selling to my clients, it needed to be a brand that was inclusive and sold products that would be effective, nourishing, and free of anything harmful.” —Nique Curtis, owner of Melt Wax Bar 

“When it comes to a brand for my business, I look for high quality that performs well for my clients while being fair and reasonably priced. I also look for the results that are provided and for consistency. Being consistent is extremely important because if something is constantly changing, the client will lose trust in you because they will never know what to expect.” —Jessica Gonzalez, owner of Top Notch Wax 

“I look for results, it’s very important to deliver what you preach.” —Zoe Ray, owner at The Glow Bar at Suites 3100

“With Starpil I fell in love with the low melting point of the Starpil star soft wax. When I ordered some to try on myself, I couldn’t believe how well it picked up hairs and how almost painless (as painless as it could be) the process became. My clients who had followed me from my job RAVED about how much better it felt. 

I ordered Fur pretty much as soon as my LLC was set up, I was so excited to try it. I will not retail anything that has parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, or fragrance and Fur was clearly a company committed to providing clean and effective products… Fur has made incredible products that are cost efficient, clean, and do what they claim to do. You can feel good about what you’re putting on your body. Fur is also made for every person, whether they shave, wax, or none of the above. I love retailing these products to ALL my clients because they are truly made for everyone.” —Nique Curtis, owner of Melt Wax Bar 

“I love that Fur is committed to providing for their customers. They are a brand that is extremely involved in the community, they believe in freedom, stand for inclusivity and body positivity. Their products are cruelty free, non-toxic, dermatologically and gynecologically tested. They create products for everyone, whether you chose to be bare or full, they have a product for you! Starpil has been my number one since I started waxing. Starpil is a huge part of the waxing industry, they provide the highest quality professional waxes that are cruelty-free and PETA certified. Starpil is superior not only for their professional waxes, but also for providing exceptional education. They help beauty professionals understand how to use their products while also educating about business, skincare, and waxing tips.” —Jessica Gonzalez, owner of Top Notch Wax


“I absolutely love the 5lb wax warmer from Starpil and the Starpil Starsoft Wax. They are two things that I don’t think I will ever change about my business. 

My favorite products from Fur are easily the Fur Oil and ingrown concentrate. They are in my own daily rotation and almost every single client of mine uses and loves them as well.” —Nique Curtis, owner of Melt Wax Bar 

“One word to describe Fur Oil is MAGICAL! I have always looked for a product that would help prevent and treat ingrown hairs while also moisturizing my skin. If I need one step up to help with treating my ingrown hairs, I will use the Ingrown Concentrate to spot treat. This product gets rid of bumps extremely fast without stripping the skin.

As a full body waxer, my favorite wax to use is Starsoft Hard Wax from Starpil. When looking for a wax, I wanted to find something that can be used for any skin type especially those with sensitive skin. I wanted something that can protect the pores from inflammation, hair breakage, and the skin from lifting while also having long lasting results.” —Jessica Gonzalez, owner of Top Notch Wax  

“We use and sell the Fur Oil and Ingrown Concentrate on our clients and they love it. My personal favorite for Starpil Wax are the Pink Wax Beads. The creamy texture pulls each hair with no problem. My clients always say, ‘whichever wax you use doesn't hurt that bad’.” —Zoe Ray, owner at The Glow Bar at Suites 3100


“I would say exfoliating 2-3 times a week and using a hydrating ingrown serum everyday to avoid dry and brittle hair. For my clients and myself that is Fur Oil. Some people will need to add some more backup into this routine, like Ingrown Concentrate or the Ingrown Eliminator as well. 

I would also say being consistent with your waxing if you get waxed, and sticking with one waxer. When you jump around to different people, your hair is getting pulled slightly differently every time which can lead to ingrowns as well.” —Nique Curtis, owner of Melt Wax Bar 

“The absolute best way to prevent ingrown hair is to create an aftercare routine for yourself. It is important to learn about your skin so that you can pick the best products for yourself. Exfoliating is the main way to prevent ingrown hairs because it gets rid of the dead and dry skin—otherwise, there’s no way for the hair to breakthrough the surface which will cause the hair to remain underneath the skin. After exfoliating the skin, it needs to be moisturized. Moisturizing will hydrate the skin and hair which makes it easier for the hair to break through the surface.

Another to prolong your results without getting ingrowns is to avoid picking at the skin: using clean skincare products and gentle exfoliation. The first 24-48 hours after your wax are the most important because that is when your skin is the most sensitive. It is important to wear loose fitting clothing, avoid sex, working out, saunas, and sunbathing.” —Jessica Gonzalez, owner of Top Notch Wax  

“Each client is different with different skin so I make it my business to teach them what they need and what's best for their skin type. I always tell them to exfoliate. That's a must, but use the best product that's your skin type to prevent ingrown and moisture daily.” —Zoe Ray, owner at The Glow Bar at Suites 3100


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