How to Build the Perfect Shower Routine

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Your Fur Shower Routine

One of the most frequently asked questions we get asked is how to build a routine with Fur products. We fully believe that skincare should be personalized to everyone’s specific needs—no two people will need the exact same treatments at the exact same time. Even your own skincare needs can change depending on a number of factors like stress, changes in environment, etc. With that being said, there are definite staples to a well rounded skincare routine that can lay the groundwork for softer, healthier skin year round. Here’s a general outline on how to incorporate Fur products into your routine, with our hope being that you’ll learn how your skin works with each of our products and eventually build your own personalized Fur shower ritual! 

Prep Work

The first step of our shower routine actually takes place outside of the shower! Before anything else, it’s best to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells and prep the skin for upcoming products. Exfoliating at the beginning of your routine helps the products absorb into the skin so they can do their job more effectively. One of our favorite ways of exfoliating is through dry brushing. Our Dry Brush is 100% vegan, and is made with sisal bristles which are a durable, organic fiber that is perfect for buffing away dead skin. Use the Dry Brush gently twice per week until your skin adjusts. As you build tolerance, you can use it daily with firmer pressure. Never apply it on irritated skin, or on your face. Click here for a tutorial on how to Dry Brush effectively.  

Dry Brush

If dry brushing isn’t your favorite way to exfoliate now would be the time to use Silk Scrub to buff away dirt and debris. Silk Scrub is our dual-action exfoliator that combines both chemical and physical exfoliants to clarify your pores and prevent ingrowns. Pair it with Mitt Trio, our reusable, textured finger mitts, for silky, soft skin. For this step, you’ll want to make your way into the shower! To use as a physical exfoliant, keep your finger mitt in the shower—getting your skin wet helps prevent unnecessary chafe when you exfoliate. Use the rougher side on elbows, feet, and skin that feels tougher and rougher. Use the softer side to gently polish more sensitive areas like your bikini line, armpits, and face.

Silk Scrub and Mitt Trio
Getting Down to Business

With exfoliating well accounted for, you’re ready for the next step in your shower routine! This step is actually optional depending on your hair preferences, but if you do prefer to shave this would be the time to do so. Lather a dollop of our Shave Cream anywhere you plan on shaving and get to work! Shave Cream is formulated with Marshmallow Root Extract and Olive Oil to hydrate and protect the skin from any inflammation that comes with shaving. If shaving isn’t your thing but still want to touch up some areas, we recommend using the Fur Trimmer, our cordless, water-resistant trimmer. The Fur Trimmer comes with three snap on guide lengths so you can customize your trim down to the millimeter.

Shave Cream and Fur Trimmer

Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to wash away any leftover dirt and debris, and our All Body Wash is the perfect product to get the job done! All Body Wash is a daily pH-balanced restorative oil wash that cleanses all bodies, all over for moisturized, softer skin. With balancing & cleansing ingredients, it’s gentle enough for use on your pubic area, but effective from head to toe. Apply All Body Wash liberally onto wet skin. As you lather, the oil transforms into a spreadable, sudsy wash. Once finished cleansing, rinse off for soft, hydrated skin free of any residue.

All Body Wash

Out of the shower, towel-dry your skin to add the finishing touches to your routine. First, apply Ingrown Concentrate as a soothing spot-treatment to any areas where you’re prone to redness or irritation, like your underarms, pubic area, legs, brows, lips, and chin. You can either use Ingrown Concentrate as a spot treatment, or if you’re prone to bumps, daily use might be best as a preventative measure.

Ingrown Concentrate

Where Ingrown Concentrate is a targeted treatment, our signature Fur Oil is meant to be used everywhere hair meets skin! Made with Tea Tree Oil and Jojoba Oil, Fur Oil can be applied anywhere you want to soothe and smooth. For best results, we recommend incorporating Fur Oil into your daily ritual.

Fur Oil

Finally, to lock-in all of the moisture you just worked so hard on, apply Stubble Cream as the last step in your routine. Stubble Cream’s 100% natural formula is ideal for daily use to hydrate the skin, and soften hair to prevent razor burn and ingrowns.

Stubble Cream

Lather, rinse, and repeat this process daily for soft and supple skin free of bumps and ingrowns.

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