Meet the Dry Brush

Posted by: Ashley Lieberman

Exfoliating is one of the best additions to any skin care routine; it helps prevent ingrowns, and removes dead skin for smoother, more radiant skin. One of the most effective practices for an all-over exfoliation is the technique of dry brushing. Dry brushing has its origins as far back as the Ancient Egyptians and was used in cultures all over the world. The Ancient Egyptians would frequently follow their exfoliating routine with sour milk and wine to lock in moisture, and the Ancient Greeks and Romans would prep their skin with olive oil before beginning their dry brushing regimen. While the general principle of dry brushing has remained unchanged for thousands of years, the tools have (thankfully) improved since then! For a powerful exfoliating routine that does not involve sour milk, meet our Dry Brush.

Our Dry Brush is 100% vegan, and is made with sisal bristles. Sisal originates from the Agave cactus, making it a stiff and durable natural fiber, perfect for exfoliation. Each Dry Brush features a cotton, logo-printed strap and a reminder to take care imprinted into the wood.

Exfoliation can sometimes feel like an afterthought, which is unfortunate because of how important it is to a well-rounded skincare regime. This step allows the skin to refresh itself, which makes subsequent products penetrate deeper and work even better! Dry brushing is an effective technique for exfoliating because of how thoroughly it sloughs off dead skin cells. By eliminating these dead cells, the skin can renew itself, leaving you feeling silky and soft, and helping prevent ingrowns from forming.

Always use the Dry Brush on dry skin. Start at your ankles, and work your way up towards your head. If you’re dry brushing your legs and arms, use long strokes moving upward towards your heart. For your stomach, chest, and back, use circular motions. 

Use gently twice per week until your skin adjusts. As you build tolerance, you can use it daily with firmer pressure. Never apply it on irritated skin, or on your face. 

You can dry brush any time of day, but for best results, use it pre-shower and follow with cleansing & nourishing All Body Wash in the shower. After you rinse off, slather on Stubble Cream to maximize the Dry Brush’s revitalizing effects.


Dry brushing is only one technique for exfoliating. We know not everyone’s exfoliation preferences are the same, so we offer a few different products for however you like to scrub! The Mitt Trio is a great tool for buffing away dirt and debris, and prepping your skin for the rest of your routine. Pair it with our Silk Scrub for a perfect gentle exfoliation. Silk Scrub is our dual-action product that combines both chemical and physical exfoliants to clarify your pores and prevent ingrowns. But don’t just take our word for it: here’s what the experts have to say.