With the holidays right around the corner, there’s no time like the present to start ruminating on your gift list. We might be biased, but nothing says “I care” better than, well, hair and skin care. While everybody grows body hair, everybody’s grooming routines, hair types, and skin sensitivities are totally different, so you don’t want to wind up gifting something totally off-base (shave cream for the friend who waxes, or a powerful acid-packed serum for your aunt with sensitive skin). 

To help you make the right choice, we asked estheticians and body hair experts about the Fur gifts they’d pick for every hair and skin type in your life:

The Experts:

Mckenze Trachuk, Wax Room Arizona

Kirsten Goetzelman, Tampa Wax

Destiny Pino, Esthetician

The beauty enthusiast who always seems to be the first to know about the latest beauty drops:

Mckenze:KP Body Scrub! The newest and greatest scrub from Fur—got to keep her in the loop and up to date always.”

Kirsten: “I think the perfect gift would have to be the Bath Drops. It's such a unique product because its a first of its kind, vegan bath drop. Also, the packaging is glass and luxe so it looks amazing anywhere in your bathroom. It's the perfect TLC product for the long holidays.”

Destiny:Definitely Silk Scrub. It can be used as an exfoliator or a mask! Beauty junkies—myself included—love a versatile product.” 

Your busiest friend who only has five minutes max to dedicate to their routine:

Kirsten: “No brainer: KP Body Scrub. I call this the all-in-one exfoliator. It has maximum exfoliation power with also a punch of acids. This is really great for all over the body when you need a reset. Of course I would pair this with Fur Oil to lock in hydration for the ultimate skin reset.”

Mckenze:Ingrown Eliminator Serum. This serum contains lactic acid which exfoliates and breaks down dead skin cells while the witch hazel and aloe (both antimicrobial) in this serum soothes irritation, redness and hydrates. This checks all the boxes for someone who needs a quick routine.”

Destiny:Fur Oil all the way! It can be used everywhere and is such an easy addition to even the simplest skin & haircare routine.” 

The friend with super sensitive skin:

Mckenze:Ingrown Concentrate hands down. Only one product that offers exfoliation, hydration and the treatment of ingrowns without added acids. Leave the exfoliation mitt in your shower to quickly exfoliate the desired areas (no need to put soap on it, just water). Then dispense a few drops of the concentrate for instant moisture and calm redness/inflammation.”

Destiny:All Body Wash. Since it's safe to use head to toe and also balances pH levels, it's a great gift for someone who needs those natural ingredients without worrying about silicones and parabens.” 

Kirsten: “Clients with sensitive skin would have Fur Oil and Ingrown Concentrate on my list for them. These are both NON-acid formulations that help heal and treat ingrowns without disrupting their skin's sensitive barrier.”

The friend suffering from some serious razor burn & ingrowns:

Destiny:Ingrown Eliminator Serum. It helps soothe that irritation with aloe and contains willow bark extract that naturally helps loosen those trapped hairs.” 

Kirsten:Ingrown Concentrate. I put this ANYWHERE I have irritation. I'm not kidding when I say it's the most SOOTHING treatment. Anytime my client leaves the room with angry skin from waxing, ten minutes later they text me saying, ‘Wow, my skin has completely calmed down.’ Even though it was the Ingrown Concentrate, it's the best compliment ever!”

Mckenze: “For this I love to recommend alternating between Fur Oil and Ingrown Eliminator Serum. Someone who is suffering from razor burn needs to be gentle to their skin, and that’s why I love Fur Oil for this: it’s hydrating and gently treats and prevents mild irritation. By adding in Ingrown Eliminator Serum, it will help those more stubborn ingrowns heal faster.”

And the one product they always keep on hand and would recommend to almost anyone:

Mckenze: “This is an easy question! Fur Oil, of course—All Body Wash is a close second though. Fur Oil is incredibly diverse in the ways you can use it and body areas you can apply it too. I love mixing a few drops of it into my favorite lotion to cover my arms and legs. Consistency tip: Use Fur Oil during your evening routine. Typically we are rushing out the door in the morning and forget to use our body products, so incorporating this into the evening routine will help you be more consistent in seeing results.”

Kirsten:Fur Oil—and not just because I love it, but it's truly an oil for everyone. My favorite thing about Fur Oil is how multipurpose it can be. Clients wanting to tackle ingrowns? Done. Dry scalp? Yep. Glowy legs before a night out? Fur Oil does that.”

Destiny:Fur Oil. Whether you wax, shave, laser, or none of the above, Fur Oil moisturizes, softens, and helps prevent ingrown hairs. I've recommended it to a majority of my clients throughout the years.”